Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mission Miracle

Guys I can't thank you enough for wanting to do this outreach project with me. My prayer is that we will know God differently after this. In fact I know that we will. I'm calling this Mission Miracle because that's exactly what I'm expecting God to do as we reach out to the families that are not even a mile from this house. A couple of weeks ago when we had our first cold morning and I was getting the kids ready for school I looked down at Blue, my dog, and thought my dog lives better than the kids down the street from me. The story in Luke 16 of the rich man and Lazarus came to mind. Lazarus was a poor beggar and he was laid outside the gates of a rich man who lived in luxury everyday. I'm not saying we are rich by the world's standards of wealth but the Lord has shown me this past year that I certainly do live in luxury everyday by his standards. The fact that I have a pantry full of food, in fact that I have a pantry at all, is an absolute luxury. The fact that I can walk up to my frig and get cold clean water any time that I please while others die daily from contaminated water is an extravagance, not to mention that I stay nice and warm in my home. This trailer park literally is at my gate. We've got 2 other Home Teams that are partnering with us for this project.

The first action I would like you all to take is to pray for these families. Some are believers and they live at the front of the park for the most part. They also are not hurting as bad financially. It's the back half that's struggling and it's the back half that is potentially lost. The problem will be trying to save people who don't know they are lost and that's where prayer comes in. I need people who will pray over specific homes everyday as we lead up to our outreach. There are 52 homes in this park and I have all their numbers written down. Let me know if you would be willing to pray for some of them. We need to pray that the enemy is pushed back so that God's truth can sink in.

This Friday at 9:30am Lori and I will be dropping off Wish List cards to each home asking them what their wishes are for Christmas as well as any prayer requests that they might have. This card will tell them that we will be back on the 12th to sing Christmas carols and to pick up the cards.

Saturday the 12th after the parade the church is giving us the float to take down to the trailer park to sing Christmas carols from, and hand out invitations to our Christmas Eve services along with another card that will tell them we will be back Christmas Eve morning with breakfast, gifts and rides if need be to our Christmas Eve services.

The 24th around 10:00, haven't set a time yet, we will bring breakfast type food, hot chocolate along with all of the gifts. We thougt it would be awesome if we had someone dress up like Santa too. The kids could also make a bunch of bags of candy to hand out to the kids too.

When we get the Wish List cards on the 12th we will be praying over every request to see how the Lord will choose to provide. We have also thought about taking the worst looking home and doing a complete makeover on it. The other thing that we thought to do was to host a night out at Cici's pizza for the teenage kids. But the last two things would be ideas that we do after the Christmas season.

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